Best Sites for Online Teaching

Best sites for online teaching

To ensure that they have a steady source of income, freelancers usually have multiple sources of revenue. The freelancers are highly skilled and many people wish to acquire these skills. They also have learned to communicate effectively. Hence they can develop course material when they do not have orders since their schedule is flexible enough for monitoring questions and feedback. Though computer and technology classes are the most popular courses, other options are also available. On average, an instructor on Udemy makes $7000 in a year. Some of the Best sites for online teaching are discussed for those who want an additional income.


Skillshare is selective since it does not accept all courses and teachers. The course should be in one of the following categories writing, television, technology, publishing, photography, food and beverages, movies, fashion, design, business, and advertising. The content should be of duration at least 45 minutes, and consists of videos of duration four to nine minutes. The freelancer retains complete ownership of the course material. Skillshare will charge 30% of the class cost if the student is referred, and 70% of the class fees if the student is referred from other sources. Most teachers enrolled are satisfied with the usability, ease of structuring and uploading content. Skillshare has some high profile instructors like Seth Godin. Since Skillshare has fewer and higher quality classes, it is ideal for brand building.


No application is required for Udemy, everyone is accepted. There also no restrictions on the course subject. The minimum content is for thirty minutes, and 60% of the content should be video content. The teacher retains 100% ownership over the course content. If the teacher refers to the student, Udemy does not charge a fee and it charges 50% of the class cost if the referral is from elsewhere. The average cost of a course which is ninety to 150 minutes is $20. Putting the course material like videos together is the most difficult part of setting up the course. Successful instructors on Udemy provide advice and support to others through Udemy studio, a community of instructors. Since there is a lot of content on Udemy, marketing the class will be a major challenge for the instructors. Udemy is popular since it has a lower fee, and is more flexible when compared to Skillshare


Unlike Udemy and Skillshare, Coursera is an accredited university and every instructor will become a contractor or part-time instructor of the university. The university is making the course available online through Coursera. Instructors have to apply for the job and often require a Master’s degree to qualify. The University is deciding the course content, though instructors can provide suggestions. Since credits are offered for courses taught in universities, instructors have to make more effort, grading students and providing feedback. All course material belongs to the university. According to online sources, the salary for a course of the duration of eight weeks will vary from $2100 to $2860. Though the instructor will have someone as his boss, the position is more prestigious, stable and no marketing is required.

Using email or website

To avoid paying fees, the freelancer may prefer to upload videos, other course material on their own website, either behind a login or for free. Alternately the freelancer may create an email series, emailing the subscribers daily over the course duration with different content like written material, white papers, and videos. Students can also contact the instructor via email. Though there is more flexibility for this course, and instructor retains ownership, organizing the course and instructing students is challenging for those who have no prior experience. For a website, some web design skills are required and for an email course, a newsletter service may be required. The main advantage of this method is that the instructor has more control and can use the mailing list to promote other projects in the future.


Compared to others, there are more restrictions on becoming a teacher with CreativeLIVE. Teachers are either invited or have to contact them. The course content is mainly focusing on art, creativity, and design. Teachers may make more than $10,000 per class. The cost for students ranges from $50 to $200. The course is filmed professionally in a studio. This method is more suitable for those who are well established and not for those who have no teaching experience. Live events with commentary, collaboration, and chat are popular.

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