The Best 3rd Party PS4 Controller – All About PS4 Controllers

If your PlayStation 4 gamepad is damaged or lost and the Sony DualShock controller seems an unaffordable option, you can get a controller of another brand. However, with many companies offering alternative controllers, it is usually challenging to choose the right one.

The Best 3rd Party PS4 Controller

Company Hori makes the best third-party PS4 controller, and it is Wired Mini Gamepad for Kids – Playstation 4 Controller. Additionally,  Third-party PS4 controllers are provided by the following companies: HORI, CHENGDAO, PICTEK, Etpark, ORDA, Joytorn, and ROTTAY.

While most of these are wireless, some are available in wired design only. In addition, some companies manufacture both wired and wireless forms of controllers.

Given below is an overview of the unique features offered by each of these controllers:

HORI Mini Wired Gamepad

Generally, PS controllers are small in size compared to their Xbox counterparts. However, some people prefer to have an even smaller controller. If you also wish the same, Hori’s mini-wired gamepad can prove to be an excellent choice. This gamepad has an impressive build quality and provides a fantastic gaming experience with its convenient mini size.

While it is pretty compact and comfortable for young gamers and women, it may feel inadequate if you have more extensive hands. Also, remember that it is a wired gamepad, and if a cord does not bother you, you can go ahead with it.

CHENGDAO Wireless Controller (Galaxy Style)

The typical DualShock controllers usually have a dull appearance. In this respect, CHENGDAO’s wireless controller makes a mark with its excellent galaxy design. Moreover, its unconventional style is bound to evoke the envy of your friends and playmates.

The Galaxy gamepad is relatively more significant than the DualShock PlayStation controller, perfect for people with big hands. Its joystick is good, but the D-pad is just decent. Also, since this gamepad is wireless, it can be an appropriate option for you if you need to use it beyond a room.

PICTEK Gaming Controller

If you have always liked Xbox controllers, you would likely prefer the PICTEK controller over other alternatives. PICTEK Gaming controller imitates the design and button layout of Xbox controllers. Although it is not an exact clone, it will feel quite similar to people who love Xbox design. The curved triggered buttons, mushy D-pads, and offset joysticks – are all devised to lend extra comfort during usage.

While it comes under the affordable category, it looks like a premium controller. It has an excellent built, but the layout may not be liked by those who fancy DualShock 4 design. However, it is best for the fans of Xbox controllers.

Etpark Wireless Controller

If you wish to have a controller that matches appearance and design with the DualShock 4 Controller, the Etpark gamepad is the one for you. Its size, joystick location, and button layout are identical to the DualShock controller. The only difference is in the shape and size of their touchpads, which is not an issue for most gamers.

As it is a wireless controller, it saves you from the mess of having cords pulling across your walking path. Although its built quality is not close to the original premium controller, it works very effectively.

ORDA Wireless Gamepad

ORDA wireless gamepad is equivalent to the DualShock 4 controller in terms of performance and battery life. The feel and sensitivity of this controller rank higher than that of the others. It extends an enhanced, smooth, and comfortable gaming experience.

Even though it does not look like the stock PS4 controller, it is available in many textures and colors. The price of this wireless gamepad is a little more than the wired one because of its more efficient design.

Joytorn Wireless Controller

This is one of the best alternatives to the standard PS4 controller. With its well-structured triggers, responsive buttons, large size, and other features, the Joytorn controller is more suitable for people with big hands. Although it does not have a great appearance, it performs well. This makes it relatively better than other third-party controllers.

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While it is slightly larger, it is lightweight and convenient in handling and operating. Being a wireless controller, the Joytorn Controller will also prevent you from the hassles of managing cords.

ROTTAY Wired Controller

If you have a tight budget and you need an immediate replacement for your controller, the ROTTAY controller can turn out to be an optimal choice for you. While its built quality and related features are not comparable to the original PS4 controller, it gives an overall satisfactory performance. In terms of looks, its design and plastic frame are dull and low-cost, but if looks do not matter to you, you can opt for this one. In addition, it is a wired controller, which makes you free from worrying about its battery life. The good thing is that it is a functional controller that lets you enjoy your favorite games at a much affordable price.

Below are presented the essential questions about PS4 controllers:

How long does a PS4 controller take to charge?

You will need 115 minutes (around 2 hours) to charge the PS4 controller when that battery is empty. However, the standard charging temperature to PS4 controller is between 10 °C (50 °F ) and 30 °C (86 °F). So IF you are charging the controller outside this range, you will need more time to set it.

How to change PS4 controller color?

To change the PS4 controller color, you need to create at least four users, and then to use Quick Menu; you need to choose Power and select “Switch User.” The first user will be blue, the second user will be red, the third user will be green, and the fourth will be pink. So, for example, for pink color, at least three persons need to be logged.

How to know if the PS4 controller is charging?

You will know if the PS4 controller is charging if you hold the PS button because then you will see the battery’s charge level that appears on-screen. However, if your PS4 is in the rest mode, then the light bar slowly blinks orange, and when PS4 charging is complete light bar will turn off.

Why is my PS4 controller blinking?

PS4 controller blinking because the controller failed to connect to your PlayStation console or the battery is dying. If the problem is the connection, you can restart the console when you press the bottom of the left trigger.

How to make a PS4 controller vibrate?

  • Choose Settings on the Home screen.
  • Choose Device.
  • Enable the Vibration option.

How to connect a PS4 controller to a Nintendo switch?

  • Plug Wireless adapter into any USB port on the side of the Switch
  • Go to System Settings.
  • Scroll down
  • In the menu, select “Controllers and Sensors.”
  • Select “Pro Controller Wired Communications” to connect to a Nintendo

Does the PS4 controller have a mic?

No, PS4 controllers do not have a built-in mic, which is why earbuds or headsets come with every PS4. However, PS4 controllers have speakers for in-game effects only.


Why does my PS4 controller keep disconnecting?

PS4 keeps disconnecting because of wireless interference in most cases. So you need to enable a stable internet line. Additionally, lousy firmware can be the problem too. Try to visit your device in your PS4 Settings >Navigate to Devices and select “Bluetooth Devices.” There you can disconnect and reconnect again.


No doubt, it can be a bit confusing to pick a suitable third-party controller; you can choose one based on your personal preferences. The above-listed options work well and function like the DualShock controller, even if they appear different. The majority of these controllers can be used for gaming on PC too. Further, the companies keep on updating their versions to improve their functioning.

Before you purchase any third-party controllers, make sure to check their compatibility with your most preferred games and PlayStation.

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