The Best Self Employment Books

If you have run out of options to improve your self-employed life and be better at it, then you should consider turning to books for a little wisdom. These books will improve your business knowledge and possibly help you in realizing your goals.

Entrepreneurial/Business books are not always a thing of joy. They are filled with stuff you already know, which might involve explaining that does not spark any joy. Many of the books are heavily under-researched. Going through a whole book and not learning anything can be a disappointing feeling. Don’t fret; we have just the right stuff for you. These books by women who have been in the field of freelancing and entrepreneurship are all you will need:

Below is The Best Self Employment Books list:

  • My Creative (Side) Business: The Insightful Guide To Turning Your Side Projects Into A Full-Time Creative Business, by Monica Kanokova 

This book tells you numerous ways to turn your side gig into full-time work. This book uses case studies to guide the reader into the world of entrepreneurship. It also has the testimony of many female individuals who have made their career in freelancing and entrepreneurship.

It focuses on building a brand out of yourself so that customers have something to associate themselves with you. It explains the importance of servicing your customers and the ways you can benefit from it. This book is practical and developed on real people’s real problems and can help you find ways to manage your finances.


  • The Freelancer’s Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams – – On Your Terms, by Sara Horowitz 

Sara Horowitz is a freelancer, and she founded the Freelancer’s Union, an association that represents as many as 375,000 self-employed workers. She’s also a MacArthur (‘genius’) award recipient. 

If a book is called a ‘bible,’ then it must have great significance and answer all you need to know. This 500-page book covers and provides a possible solution for issues such as how to save money by using your home as an office, keeping care of your eyes while working, and make sure they remain in their place; it also guides how freelancers can push for policies that will better their working experience. From time to time, the book gives you little doses of inspiration and inspires you to have complete trust in yourself. There’s no guarantee of becoming a good freelancer; it all depends on how much you strive for it, but reading this book will be a meaningful and enlightening experience.  

    • The One Hour Content Plan: The Solopreneur’s Guide to a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas in 60 minutes and Creating Content That Hooks and Sells, by Meera Kothand

Bloggers consistently find themselves wondering what will be their next blog post. They are always puzzled about what to write and consistently chase after the trends in content. The content they do have doesn’t go with the products and services they offer. If you are a blogger who frequently stumbles upon these problems, then this book is for you.

This book gives three ways to come up with content ideas without any trouble. It will help you find the type of content that makes it easy for you to sell your products and services. It talks about ways to optimize your blogs and ways to make offers that your readers will be tempted to try. This book helps you create content that works harder for you and increases your online presence.


  • Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide To Running A Successful Freelance Business, by Joy Deangdeelert Cho and Meg Mateo Ilasco 

This informative and inspiring book is Meg Ilasco, creator of Craft Inc., and Joy Deangdeelrt Cho, Founder and Creative Director at Oh Joy!. Do you have the qualities one needs to succeed as a freelancer?  Either you can rely on readymade recipes of art school or start and advance your career as per your wish. 

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This book is a guide to kickstart your career in arts; it has success stories, profiles of various artists, and tips on attracting your clients and retaining them. this is an enjoyable read which will teach you things that are essential to be a freelancer. 


  • The Multi-Hyphen Method: Work Less, Create More, And A Career That Works For You, by Emma Gannon 

This book is a pretty interesting read where Emma Gannon talks about diversifying skills. The book emphasizes trying to find ways to work less and not more. It also talks about how you should try and design your own career.

The book wishes to create a new world where you can be more than one thing in your career at the same time. The book’s tone is not conventional or patronizing; it seems like the book has been written by someone who is rooting for you to build a career and a lifestyle of your own design. Multi-Hyphen Method teaches that whatever you do, you can channel your entrepreneurial spirit and make money out of it. This book is the ultimate guide that will help you navigate your way towards success.


Reading and learning things isn’t going to help if you are not determined enough to apply it in real life and be ready to do what it takes to create a life you’ve always wanted. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to be a successful freelancer/entrepreneur, then these books can be your go-to guide to help navigate your way to success.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is an experienced economist and financial analyst from Utah. He has been in finance for nearly two decades, having worked as a senior analyst for Wells Fargo Bank for 19 years. After leaving Wells Fargo Bank in 2014, Daniel began a career as a finance consultant, advising companies and individuals on economic policy, labor relations, and financial management. At, Daniel writes about personal finance topics, value estimation, budgeting strategies, retirement planning, and portfolio diversification. Read more on Daniel Smith's biography page. Contact Daniel:

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