The Best Podcasts for Getting Your Life Together

Podcasts that will help you overcome the challenges of being an adult. Adulthood allows you to turn into the CEO of your own life. When you become an adult, you can spend your money on your desire and decide the people you want in your life. It is when you face the responsibilities and some harsh realities of the world.

As an adult, a lot is expected from you; you have to look after your finances, excel at your work, maintain your physical and mental well-being, find solutions to your problems on your own, and most importantly to remain sane. 

As a child, one thing that you wanted the most were to be an adult, and now that you are one, you realize it is full of situations that are not so sweet and that the freedom you wanted coming at a cost, and that navigating through the problems of adulthood is a tiresome task. You will face the challenges of being an adult for the first time, so it is better to dive into it with experts’ help. Experts who will advise you on ways to deal with the several challenges you might have to face as an adult.

You can listen to these podcasts, which can help you deal with challenges like dealing with your money, making your relationship work, and developing healthy habits for your body and mind.

Below is the list of The Best Podcasts for Getting Your Life Together:

    • Money GirlOpens in a new tab.: This podcast has over 40 million downloads and has a loyal fan following base. Laura Adams host it, and she has her own fun way of making her listeners understand even the complex challenges related to finances. You can get advice on all your money related problems in about 10 minutes every week.


She gives practical tips and advice that are easy to put into action. The episodes are inspired by the current trends and events, the audience’s questions, social media, and everyday conversations. She wants to help people live a rich life and enjoy the journey with her. The podcast is available on Money Girl Blog, Stitcher app, and iTunes.


        • Happier With Gretchen RubinOpens in a new tab.: Gretchen Rubin hosts this podcast. She is the author of the book The Happiness Project. This podcast is dedicated to finding ways to live more contently. It talks about good habits you can adopt to change your everyday life and bring happiness to it. It is co-hosted by her younger sister Elizabeth Craft. If you are struggling with sad episodes in your life, you should check it out and note the advice Rubin has to offer.

        • Death, Sex, and MoneyOpens in a new tab.: This podcast is here to talk about things that are hard to talk about. This aims to have open and honest dialogues about stuff we think plenty of but don’t talk much of it. It was started in May 2014 by Anna Sale and is produced by WNYC Studios. The show’s idea is to bring stories about issues that are not discussed as much as they should be. This podcast has won awards for being the best podcast of the year.


        • Savvy PsychologistOpens in a new tab.: This podcast is based on psychology and is hosted by Dr. Jade Wu, who makes it both entertaining and relatable. If you want a healthy emotional life for yourself, then this is the podcast for you. It used an evidence-based and scientific method to understand the reason behind the emotions we feel. Understanding your emotions can help you improve your bonds with friends, family, and co-workers. It provides tips backed by science, which will help you lead a healthy and happy life.


      • The Tim Ferris ShowOpens in a new tab.: This podcast has over 500 million downloads and is unarguably the top business podcast of all time. It is hosted by Tim Ferris, who is well known as the 4-Hour Work Week author. It helps find out the best life-hacks that one can adopt to improve their professional and personal lives. The podcasts consist of advice from people well-known people from business, sports, arts, etc. They share their habits, tactics, and tips that made all the difference for them.

      • MotivatedOpens in a new tab.: The ABC news journalist Mara Schiavocampo is the host of this podcast. She interviews doctors, fitness experts, and people who give tips and advice on attaining mental and physical well-being. She also struggled with her body and learned a lot while becoming fit. You can tune into this podcast if you want to know the latest trends and research in fitness or just to get the right amount of motivation. 

      • Note to SelfOpens in a new tab.: This podcast deals with the ill effects of technology on your physical and mental health. It is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi and produced by WNYC Studios. It started in September 2012 with the name New Tech City, and it became Note to Self in 2015. It talks about various researches in the field of technology and narrates real stories and experiences of people. The speed at which information flows and the sheer volume of it can induce stress. She asks people to question everything they come across on the internet and be mindful of their privacy.

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      • The BodyLove ProjectOpens in a new tab.: This podcast is for people who believe in loving themselves above all. It is hosted by Jessi Haggerty, who is a registered dietician. She talks with health experts and real people who go through body size, fat, eating disorders, etc. It also talks about creativity, mindfulness, and body image. It aims to define the meaning of Body Love for its listeners and do away with negative thoughts. You know you are supposed to love your body, and this podcast is how you learn to do it.


      • Dear SugarsOpens in a new tab.: Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond host this podcast. You can listen to two different voices narrating their experiences discussing their life issues. Both the co-hosts take turns in playing ‘sugar.’ It originated from the magazine The Rumpus’s advice column. This podcast is for the lost and lonely and actively strives to understand its listeners’ emotions and feelings. If you are in a tough spot in your life and need some guidance to get yourself going, then this podcast might be what you are looking for.


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