The Guide to Surviving a Hangover at Work

Many a time we encounter a situation that we do not know how to get out of. One such situation is entering the office with your weekend-vibed hangover. Our head is throbbing, clothes are discomforting, and all we want to do is go back to our home and sleep some more. But worry not, we have got you covered. 

In this article, we will be sharing many tips and tricks with you following which you can actually come out of your hangover zone. These tips will range in identity from taking a cold shower to gulping up gallons of water, we bring everything right at your disposal presented on a silver platter. You can treat this as a guide to treat hangover before work because we have laid down step by step process how you can successfully achieve the same.

How to fix a hangover before work?

The best way to get over a hangover before work is to try to enjoy a good shower session before work, apply some body lotion, hydrate your body as much as you can.

In this video below is a list of drinks that you can drink or eat as a quick hangover cure before work.

How to survive a hangover at work
Below is video what you can do at work to avoid problem with your job because hangover.

It may sound a bit typical, but we have to say this in order to start from the basics. The best way to avoid hangover at week is to not drink excessively a night before. We know, this is not what you expected but it had to be said. Planning the day in advance boosts our productivity levels, and helps us to be happy, organized, and driven to start the work the next day. Now, since this option is out of the table, let us discuss some realtime options that you can resort to in case of a hangover.

1. Enjoy A Good Shower Session

The most daunting and tough part of handling the hangover is waking up the next day. You are tired, sluggish and even feel completely worn-out. But still, the office calls you, and your boss is not likely to cut you some slack because you decided to get drunk last night.

So with no choice being left, you can start by hitting shower the first thing as soon as you wake up. When those tiny water droplets will trickle down your head, hair, and body, trust us you will feel much better. Not just this, you will feel calmer, relaxed a bit controlled with yourself. 

2.Apply Some Body Lotion

Once you are out of your shower, then it is time to nourish your skin with some good quality body lotion. As you will do this, your skin would feel much plumper, glowing, and supple giving you a feel of refreshing balance. You can use any of your favorite body lotions for this depending on your skin type and flavor preference.

Your skin would feel much less distressed, psychologically making you feel that okay, I am feeling good, everything is good around me, let us get this day started.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

The day next to your hangover is not the one where you decide to wear unmanageable fancy clothes. No! A big no-no! Wear some nice, comfortable piece of clothing that you can carry with ease all day long. This will trick your brain in thinking that you are still at home, taking care of yourself, giving yourself time to heal and recover from the hangover. 

4. Bring Honey To Your Rescue

Scientifically, there are some food items that help us to ease ourselves from a hangover apocalypse. One of the best-recommended items is something which you can easily find in your homes: it is Honey! 

Honey assists in curing the hard-hitting effects of a hangover. It truly is packed with fructose, therefore it could elevate the sugars emptied throughout the alcohol metabolic rate. Honey also can enhance digestion and supply your body with potassium and sodium — intake of each of these will eventually result in your being freed from the hangover moods, and actually start feeling better.

5. Hydrate Your Body

This point simply states that post hangover, you should chug insane amounts of liquid. This means you actually have to fill your body with a variety of liquids. It could be gallons of water, sparkling water, soft drink, lemonade, coconut water, or even some fancy cold-pressed juice for that matter. 

The math is simple, the more you feel the better you will feel. It is highly suggested to keep drinking liquids all day long. It also that you would be having a couple of extra bathroom breaks, but hey! That is any day better than falling down in your office cubicle down with your crazy hangover headache.

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4. Modify your e-mail to Gray-scale

Discussing of mails: This boundless flow of correspondence brings about a hassle in the very best of times, aside from after you perhaps have not 1-2 hours sooner. Your distress will soon diminish drastically in case your mails seem amid a calm grey shade, alternatively of the skull-piercing whitened hellscape. In easy language, we simply mean change your mail-tone to a grey-scale so it won’t flash your eyes, giving another reason for a headache.

5. Practice Some Calming Mantras

The most obvious effect of a hangover is that we feel out of control of our mindset, emotions, and actions. To bring these things back into perspective, it is crucial to practice a couple of calming mantras. To do this, you can choose a peaceful and quiet place to sit, close your eyes and hum or say aloud those mantras. Practice this exercise with some basic techniques and trust us, you will feel much calmer, positive, and in control of your well-being. Nothing beats a good dedication meditation session.

6. Time To Reward Yourself

Yay! You finally made through the day. Appreciation is crucial to happiness and so same concept applies to you too. Since you were able to take care of yourself so well all day long, that is why when the day ends, feel free to treat yourself with a luxury facial, or binge-watching on your favorite show. 

So, this was our step by step process how you can actually cure your hangover while at work. Sure these points work in different capacities for different people, but you get the outline. Use this outline, personalize it for your own self, and get back to work with beast-mode on! Happy Working.

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