Characteristics of an Armor Bearer

In this article, we will write about an uncommon kind of work related to religion that is an exciting, enjoyable career.

What is Armor Bearer in the Bible?

The church ministry leaders or pastors often require the services of an armor bearer. Armor Bearer in the Bible, in the Old Testament times, the kings chose officers to carry their armor and stand alongside them in battles. That’s why this personnel are called armor-bearers. Various passages mention armor-bearers, like 1 Samuel 14:7,16:21, 31:6, and Judges 9:54.

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What is an Armor Bearer?

Armor bearers primarily support the church pastors during the prayer services. However, their particular duties depend upon the requirements of the church ministry leaders.

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Can a female be an Armor Bearer?

Yes, a woman can be an armor bearer by helping other women through their good works – by providing prayer, support, encouragement, and protection. Generally, the male armor-bearers serve the male leaders, and the female armor-bearers help the female leaders. This is because the armor-bearers sometimes support the leaders in personal tasks too.


What are the characteristics of an Armor bearer?

The main characteristics of armor bearers are great loyalty, love, tolerance, and watchfulness. They need to develop an eye for detail, move quickly alongside their leader and share their leader’s dreams, goals, and visions.

An armor bearer is dedicated to protecting and supporting their leader, utilizing various skills and abilities to help them stand against all foes. This includes carrying and handling their leader’s weapons resourcefully, moving quickly alongside them through battle, and resisting any attack against them. Additionally, armor bearers stay constantly vigilant, alerting their leaders to any potential dangers or difficulties that may arise and working to repel any enemy advances against them. An armor bearer is continuously present at their leader’s side, ready to meet challenges with forcefulness and resilience.

11 functions of an Armor Bearer

  1. To strengthen his officer: This duty involves supporting and encouraging your officer, providing him with the energy and motivation to continue working towards his goals.
  2. To exalt and uplift his officer: In this duty, you should strive to elevate your officer’s reputation and status, always speaking positively about him in your interactions with others.
  3. Respects his officer: You must always respect your officer, honoring him and treating him with the same dignity that you would expect for yourself.
  4. Agrees with and submits to his officer: In this duty, you must always be willing to work alongside your officer, doing whatever is needed to support the team’s overall goals.
  5. Repels any attack against his officer, especially his back: As an Amor Bearer, you are responsible for defending your officer from negative influences or criticism that may be directed towards him. This includes standing up for him if he is mistreated by others or faces false accusations or rumors.
  6. Rescues his officer from difficulty and hardship: As an Amor Bearer, you need to be ready to step in when things get tricky for your officer, supporting him through challenging times and helping him navigate difficult situations or obstacles.
  7.  Keeps watch while his officer rests: While your officer is sleeping or taking a break from work tasks, it is up to you to remain vigilant and watch over any possible threats or issues that might arise in their absence. It would help if you were also prepared to alert them immediately about any significant developments or changes requiring immediate attention.
  8. Cares for his belongings: An essential component of being an Amor Bearer is tending carefully to any possessions belonging to your officer, whether they are personal items or office supplies that are used in common by the team members. This includes keeping track of these items, so they are not misplaced or lost during travel or other activities outside of work hours.
  9. Reacts with total intolerance to any false accusations against his officers (rumors, gossip): As an Amor Bearer, you must vigilantly guard against spreading rumors about your officers behind their backs or making false accusations against them in any way – instead, you should take a stand against such misdeeds by firmly denouncing them as unacceptable behavior within the team environment.
  10.  Aids his officers in spiritual combat: Finally, as an Amor Bearer, you must help promote a positive spiritual atmosphere among all members of the team by providing guidance on matters relating to faith and spirituality when needed and promoting harmony among everyone on the team regardless of differences in belief systems and personal values.
  11. Be humble



Below is a detailed description of the training and duties of an armor bearer:

Armor Bearer Training

Usually, the experienced and older armor-bearers are called upon to train the younger and new armor-bearers. But some pastors or ministry leaders train their armor-bearers themselves to learn how to attend to them personally.

School of the Bear Armor

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While there is no specialized education for armor-bearers, a Christian ministry class benefits them.

The founders of the website Armorbearers International, Karma Brown and Varn Brown, authored a book that serves as a training guide for armor-bearers. Previously, they have performed at a Covenant Church in Texas and helped other bearers.

Armor Bearer Duties

Earma Brown outlines five significant armor duties bearers for the complete fulfillment of their role:

Armor Bearer Praying

As per Mrs. Brown, the essential duty of armor bearers is to pray for their pastor. She states that the intercessory prayers will reduce and remove several mental, physical, and spiritual troubles of the armor-bearer and the leader. Some pastors may also encourage dedicated time to fast and pray without drinks or food.

Valuing the Role

Mrs. Brown advises that the armor-bearers should respect the role and the related duties. Usually, the post of a personal assistant is equivalent to that of an armor bearer. A bearer’s role can practically conduct all the ministry leader’s tasks if the latter delegates them. Considering the importance of their post, it is recommended that they respect themselves to gain respect from others.

Being a Watchman

Armor bearers are expected to know the probable dangers and problems that may occur. This is similar to how a watchman in biblical times stayed alert and guarded in the face of likely hazards. So, when a bearer senses any problem, he needs to inform and consult with their pastor and act accordingly.

Serving as Representative

On some occasions, the bearers need to represent their leader or pastor. However, if the armor-bearer feels ambiguous about the leader’s response in a similar situation, they may resolve the issue later.

Displaying Perseverance

An armor bearer’s job requires a long-term and steadfast commitment from both the bearer and the leader. The services related to ministry vary from church to church, and the tasks of armor bearers may appear demanding. Sometimes, the armor-bearers need to travel alongside their leaders to help them in other parts of service. This calls for sensitivity and resilience to understand the leader before accepting the job.

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