Alive Day Meaning

So talking here about Alive day, what does “Alive day” mean?

Alive day definition
Alive Day is the celebration of that day when the person has escaped or avoided his death. This auspicious day brings optimism and hopes to live. The day is celebrated with friends and family to honor loved ones. The family or friend may also hold a responsibility to gift a card or a present to someone who was just near to die.

Many celebrate Alive Day, but those who generally touch this day are mostly Army Veterans in the US. The families of the army veterans have been celebrating this day since the Vietnam War. The war and the damage caused by it are nothing new, and the probability of dying is higher than any other general accident.

It sometimes becomes impossible to escape from death if there is any clash straight with the enemy on the battlefield. Still, there are some courageous who may escape their death and make a remarkable memory. Due to these extraordinary memories, army men deserve the Alive day parties for their safe return from the battlefield.

The credit for the popularisation of the “Alive day” go to a documentary aired in 2007. The documentary presented the war veterans of the Iraq War and talked about veterans’ war experiences. The veterans who were featured were mostly injured and traumatized. The war left a profound scar on their future lives. They were closely connected and perhaps celebrated Alive Day in memory of the great escape from death.

Generally, one doesn’t have to be a war veteran to celebrate “Alive Day.” Life and death are very uncertain. Even in our daily lives, we encounter multiple fatal events that make us very familiar with fear to that last breath: road accidents, explosions, disasters, or disease. One can die due to multiple reasons, and it’s almost inevitable. The “alive day” celebrates people who have the power to live even after fighting the horrors of death.

Further, these experiences are shared for the betterment of understanding the significance of the gift of life. Not everyone gets a second chance; the world is uncertain, and you have a short time to acknowledge and use your life for good. So love life and live happily.

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