What is Exact Abaya Hijab Difference?

Hijab and Abaya are two entirely different garments.

Difference between hijab and abaya

Hijab is a scarf covering the head and hair of Islamic women. Islamic traditions confine women and make clothing a modesty parameter. Abaya, on the other hand, is worn over the clothes covering the entire body. It’s a long robe worn by Islamic women in Arab countries. Many Islamic countries have given women the freedom to choose between Hijab and Abaya. They can either wear one of them or both according to their wish. Educated Islamic women often prefer wearing hijab along with regular clothing.

The dressing rituals in Islam have always been a point of controversy. Often people have made amendments to women’s clothing standards in Islam. It’s believed that women’s bodies should not be exposed to any other man other than their husbands. Therefore, hairs, head, breast, torso, and other parts of her body that make her look good should be covered. Hijab and Abaya are the garments meant for this purpose.

There are multiple modifications available, like in Iran, women wear a draping piece, manteau, or chador covering the entire head and body. In some places, “Jilbab,” a long button coat is worn to avoid any significant exposure.
One other modification in Abaya is hooded Abaya. A hooded Abaya does not provide essential coverage for the head and hair. Some women wear a “Naqab” along with Hijab and Abaya to veil their faces. It has been a point of controversy due to security reasons. Often, people have protested against Islamic women committing heinous crimes under the veil.

Hijab and niqab difference

The difference between hijab and niqab is that hijab represents headscarves worn by Muslim women while niqab represents veil for the face that leaves the area around the eyes clear. Usually, Muslim women wear either hijab and niqab together or only hijab.
See the image below:
hijab and niqab difference

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